Why Getting Annual Bloodwork Is A Good Idea

28 April 2017
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Staying healthy is easier to do if you exercise, eat right, and visit your doctor each year for a physical exam. Each year when you visit your doctor, he or she might recommend getting bloodwork completed. This is done for several reasons, and it can be very helpful for finding health problems at early stages. You Will Find Out How Well Your Organs Are Functioning Bloodwork involves drawing blood from your body and sending it to a lab to be tested. Read More 

Is It Chilly In Here, Or Is It Them? Addressing And Coping With Feelings Of Coldness

24 April 2017
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If your aging parent or grandparent often complains that he or she feels cold, even when the temperature seems pleasantly warm to others in the room, there is a reason for that. Find out why so many individuals are feeling colder as they grow older, and how you can encourage them to banish their chills. As Age Increases, Temperature Decreases According to Harvard Health Publications, a study conducted at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, New York concluded that geriatric subjects registered lower body temperatures than the 98. Read More