If Your Child Fails A Sports Physical, These Steps May Be Necessary

6 April 2020
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Before your child is eligible to play a sport, the league may mandate that he or she passes a sport physical. This process protects the league legally and also gives you and your child the confidence that he or she is healthy enough for competition. Most young athletes will pass their physicals, but there are a number of reasons why your child may get the discouraging news that he or she has failed. Fortunately, this doesn't usually mean that your child has to give up on the goal of playing a sport. Instead, there are a number of steps that can prepare your child to pass his or her next physical.

Vision Correction

Some children fail their sports physicals because their eyesight isn't good enough. While a lot of parents know about their child's eyesight, the reality is that some kids hide their poor eyesight from their families because they don't initially want to get glasses. A child cannot safely play any sport if he or she cannot see projectiles or opponents clearly, but the solution is simple. You'll need to take your child to a local optometrist for a vision assessment and then get glasses or contact lenses.

Physical Therapy

A sports physical will often turn up an injury that your child once suffered that hasn't fully healed. The symptoms of this issue may not bother your child on a day-by-day basis, but it may make him or her unprepared to play a sport at a high level. For example, if your child had knee surgery several months ago, the physical may reveal that the child's range of motion may put the knee at risk of another injury. The solution to this dilemma often comes in the form of visiting a physical therapist to help strengthen the body part in question.

Weight Loss

Childhood obesity is a serious concern in America, and there are children whose weight causes them to fail a sports physical. It can be dangerous to expend a lot of energy while playing sports if the body weight is too high, but your child doesn't have to give up on the idea of joining the league. Instead, he or she can work to lose weight through eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. Weight loss doesn't always happen quickly, but dedication to physical health may have your child ready to pass the sports physical before next season.